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Dr Golding on Diabetes

By Dr Craige Golding, Diabetes Specialist


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Dr Craige Golding, anti-ageing and regenerative medicine physician, specialising in treating the underlying cause of disease as well as prevention and reversal of disease, has written his complete Diabetes Reversal recipe as your guide to optimal health and wellness, without diabetes.

His best-selling book, Dr Golding on Diabetes – Reverse your diabetes and take control today, follows years of scientific research and thousands of patient evaluations.

In it, readers are given step-by-step solutions on how they can take control and reverse their diabetes, and ward off all the symptoms associated with the disease.

Just imagine living diabetes free!

In Dr Golding’s Reverse your diabetes and take control today, Dr Golding explains the 3 steps to reversing your diabetes and shows how you can use this new science to improve your life.

It all starts in the kitchen.

What we feed our bodies has everything to do with our health — and sadly, most of us are making the wrong dietary choices. We are consuming too many highly processed foods, added sweeteners, animal fats and protein.

As a result we are shortening our lives, living sicker and spending way too much time at the doctor's office and hospital. We're also becoming much too dependent on prescription medications.

Eat Better, Live Better

 Dr Golding says aggressive medical care is NOT the answer.

He says to successfully reverse diabetes in each of his patients, it came down to some simple but key changes he helped implement in their eating habits and lifestyle choices.

The fact that the average South African is nutrient deficient and is not eating enough fruits, beans, seeds, and vegetables, deprives your body of the most vital health-boosting compounds.

In Dr Golding’s words:

 “I have evidence from science and patients alike that prove the right raw materials can completely reverse type 2 diabetes.”

In Dr Golding on Diabetes – Reverse your diabetes and take control today, not only will you discover the right raw materials, you’ll also uncover:

·         The truth about diabetes drugs… Are they making you worse, not better?

·         The complications of diabetes: The powerful secrets to avoiding them.

·         How to eat amazing food and still reach your goal weight.

·         The right way to supplement: After all, a pill a day keeps the doctor away.

·         The danger of your mainstream GP and how he is making you sicker.

·         And so much more!

It’s time to live diabetes free!

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